Temperature-controlled jade bead mattress


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Product Model Specifications Function Parameters Remarks
RK 190 × 135-2X 190*135cm 1. Jade-A(1989) 220V/50Hz/490W Double/microfiber/ultra-long wave/narrow edge
2. Leather material: microfiber cloud
3. Ultra-long wave
4. The thermostat can be used for the second generation, the third generation, and the sticker


Optimize the traditional acceptance model, the first independent itemized acceptance model, the acceptance level is more clear.

Each construction link and construction quality can be effectively controlled, from the traditional three-step acceptance to the sub-item acceptance of each type of work link.

Our building materials are tested by the standard, environmental protection without harm to let you rest assured to use

We have been recognized by Party A in many project practices, only to bring you a beautiful and warm home.


Keywords: Fuqi multi-temperature-controlled bed

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