Praise the "good" people! Qu Yazhi: Heart love "lantern bearer" a love in jade



Jiashan media all media reporter Ma Yefen correspondent Chen Jiawei

What is the highest level of an entrepreneur? Jiaxing Fuqi Temperature Control Bed Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Fuqi Temperature Control Bed") General manager Qu Yazhi gave a powerful answer with the persistence of sowing love all the way on the road year after year: charity to warm the heart of the old, care for women and children, help the poor and benefit the people's lives... "A person's success cannot be separated from the good policies of the Party and the state and the support of society." Entrepreneurs should help the needy with an altruistic heart and return the wealth from the society to the society in a charitable way." Qu Yazhi said that contributing more to social welfare is the mission rooted in the heart of the company.

This year, 60 years old Quyazhi was born in Harbin City, was originally a middle school teacher, in the people's food and clothing problems have not been solved in the 1990s, Quyazhi paid special attention to health, and became the era to jump out of the food and clothing problem concerned about health issues. By chance, Quyazhi came into contact with a foreign jade bed product, from the incarnation of "jade craftsman", and in 2007 in Jiashan big Cloud founded Fuqi much, she put all her energy into the production and research and development of jade bed, with a craftsman spirit, Quyazhi won the "2016 China brand Influence Person of the year" and "Top Ten Zhejiang business women" and other honorary titles.

Into the office of Quyazhi, "De run root" several characters stand out. The successful Quyazhi has always adhered to the simple concept of "no matter how rich people are, they can not forget their roots", and insisted on using part of the profits of the enterprise for charity every year. On New Year's holidays, nursing homes, armed police squadrons and other places, there are Quyazhi led employees to send care and condolences; Excellent students from poor families, poor residents suffering from serious diseases...... Facing the vulnerable groups, Qu Yazhi never stints in extending a helping hand to them; Ya 'an earthquake, Zhengzhou flood... One by one, Quyazzi always pays out of her own pocket and calls on her employees and agents to go to the front line with materials... She is a bold and loving successful person in the eyes of others, a warm and caring "daughter" of lonely elderly people, and a "mother" who is trusted and attached to children in difficulties...

Can business and public welfare be mutually beneficial? Quyazhi answered with practical actions, adhering to the good practice of love, can make the enterprise go more stable and further, more cohesive and team consciousness. From the very beginning of the founding of Fuqi, Quyazhi has been actively engaged in public welfare, from earthquake relief, donating children with leukemia, funding poor students, organizing employees to visit the elderly in nursing homes, visiting sanitation workers, and visiting families with difficulties in the community, etc., the company's love activities have become normal. Quyazhi not only actively engaged in public welfare, but also organized the company and its more than 300 agencies to participate in public welfare... The name "Fortune-rich" is increasingly appearing on public welfare activities across the country. The company has 20 love awards every year to reward agents who devote themselves to public welfare. "Charity is not adding and subtracting numbers, helping others is equal to helping yourself. Your customers and partners will trust you more, the business will naturally develop better and better, and the society will naturally become more harmonious." Quyazhi sighed.

Today, Quyazhi not only leads the team to become an industry leader in the temperature-controlled bedding industry, but also the public welfare cause has become the second cause in addition to the daily operation.

"Grandma Qu, Grandma Qu..." On the eve of this year's "61", the moment when the sympathy team of Fuqi More company entered Liaoning Xiuyan Fuqi More Love School, the children warmly welcomed them with flowers in their hands, as if they had seen their loved ones. Every year, "61" Children's Day, Quyazhi will lead the excellent agents of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangxi, Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces and cities to come to the Fuqi more love School in Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province, with more than 300 teachers and students and parents of the school through the happy "61" Children's Day.

At the time of the establishment of this loving school, Fuqi was in the early stage of entrepreneurship, and Qu Yazhi began to devote herself to the public welfare cause of caring for the growth of the next generation by donating money to the school. Once, when Quyazhi visited Xiuyan jade processing base, she found that the teaching facilities and environment of the local primary school were backward, or mud walls and stone tables, and there was no decent blackboard, Quyazhi was touched by the scene in front of her, that the local education resources were lacking, here is the only primary school around, although the region is barren, the mountain road is difficult, these children in the mountains still have dreams, The idea of building a primary school was born. In 2014, the Love School with the name of Fortune began to build in Xiuyan.

Paving roads, building school buildings, building a new basketball court, building a library room... From large teaching equipment, audio equipment to daily necessities, books, Quyazhi considers everything for the children, hoping that the children can learn and grow in a good environment. In order to witness the completion of the new school in person, Quyazhi also crossed thousands of miles to bring books and stationery and other gifts to the children of the Love school, looking at the new school and the faces of the students filled with smiles, Quyazhi and her partners also smiled. Since then, the annual "61" Children's Day together has also become Quyazhi and the children's agreement, the children will always carefully choreographed programs, dedicated to their favorite "Qu grandma". In addition to donating to the local poor students, Qu Yazhi also passed the warmth of love to the students in Lishui, Zhejiang, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan and other places to help them realize their dreams and become talented, and she also assigned staff internally as love volunteers to regularly go to angel children's villages around the country to do public welfare and contribute love.

The palace has changed and the feathers have changed. In Quyazhi's love plan, still to be completed, she will continue to pass on the road of love in the past, no distance.

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