Fuqiduo Company has won the Top 10 Love Enterprise Award again



Recently, at the just concluded 2024 Economic High Quality Development Work Conference in Dayun Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing Fuqi Multi Temperature Controlled Bed Co., Ltd. once again won the Top 10 Love Public Welfare Enterprises Award for 2023. Winning this honor is a full recognition by the local town party committee and government of the company's contributions to the charity cause over the years.

For the past seventeen years, Fuqi Duo Company has been entrepreneurial and striving, adhering to the concept of boundless love, love for the people, gratitude to parents all over the world, and making more contributions to society and civil affairs. It has always regarded love and public welfare work as an important part of its daily work, contributing love to the elderly who are widowed, widowed, and lonely in nursing homes, and building caring nursing homes; Consolidate the armed police officers and soldiers stationed in Jiashan County and carry out police civilian joint construction activities; Caring and comforting the white angels and anti epidemic personnel fighting on the front line; Build Fuqi Duo Love School, care and support impoverished students and children in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools, and contribute to society with the modest efforts of the enterprise.

While dedicating love to society, Fuqiduo Company has independently developed and designed the Fuqiduo brand jade and stone bed series products, continuously improving technological connotations and product quality, allowing more people to improve their sleep conditions and physical fitness through the use of products.

Fortune is often based on jade, integrity is like gold, and is trustworthy. While developing the economy, the company will continue to remember its original intention, and through continuous technological innovation, develop more high-quality products to help people create a harmonious and happy life.


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