Unity, Unity, Development, Win Win, Riding the Winds and Waves to Build Dreams and Sail Far Away - Warm Congratulations to the Successful Closing of the 2024 Spring Dealer Conference of the Company



In March in Jiangnan, the spring scenery is bright, and the beautiful Jiashan opens its arms to welcome guests from afar. On the early morning of March 17, 2024, a melodious and cheerful welcome song was played, and a giant arch stood in the center of the factory entrance. Employees dressed in exquisite and neat clothes stood beside the arch and on both sides of the red carpet. The factory flags fluttered, and people's faces were filled with happy smiles. The lucky factory area was filled with a festive atmosphere. Before 8 o'clock, accompanied by the sound of music and fireworks, and applause from employees, representatives and guests from nearly a hundred dealers from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country walked into the factory to attend the 2024 Spring Dealer Conference.

During the meeting, Qu Yazhi, General Manager of Fuqiduo Company and Consultant of Hongyi Consulting Services Co., Ltd., summarized the company's work for 2023, made plans for its development in 2024, and made prospects for the company's future development. Qu's wonderful speech gave great encouragement and motivation to the attendees.



The expert consulting team, combined with years of academic research, fully demonstrated the actual effects of the company's warm products.





During the meeting, the company commended the sales team who made significant contributions to the development, construction, and marketing of the enterprise in 2023.





In the new year, how to do a good job in marketing, how to make the market better recognize the company's products, and how to meet the actual needs of the people's lives; How to do our quality management and after-sales service work? The consultant from Hongyi Company and the deputy general manager of Fuqiduo Company have summarized and deployed their respective responsibilities.




Several deputy managers of Hongyi Company summarized their work in their respective jurisdictions, focusing on how to effectively recruit and retain new employees; How to build and build a good team; The application of Taoist magic tools in sales; We have made wonderful sharing on how to establish a brand new image and the path of transformation in the digital economy era.







There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. The power of a team is infinite, as one heart is twisted into a rope. There is a specialization in the craft industry. In the fierce market competition, it is crucial to build a team that can win and is skilled in winning battles, and methods and approaches are more important. For this purpose, the company has hired a team of professional lecturers to provide specialized training for attendees in team building and management. Through exciting interactions and exercises between instructors and students, as well as team PK, participants learned new knowledge, had stronger beliefs, and a stronger will.







Our team faces the sun and steps on the land of our motherland. Shouldering the expectations of the times, we are an invincible force.


This is a grand event where we work together to develop and achieve win-win results. We firmly believe that the company has a clear work philosophy, clear goals and plans for struggle, and strong leadership from the team. With the joint efforts of everyone, the national market will surely change rapidly and prosper. Our team is sure to ride the wind and waves, build dreams and sail far away.



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